How to Look Your Best on Virtual Meetings

In this time when we can’t be together in person, virtual meetings are one way that we can still connect for work, family time, and socializing. Whether you’re using Zoom, GoToMeeting, FaceTime, Slack, ReadyTalk,, Microsoft Teams, or Duo, I’m going to give you some tips for looking your best during those virtual calls.
Lighting and Angles
Lighting and camera angle are so important! Avoid lights that cast funky shadows. Place your light source behind the camera to give your face a nice even light. This could be a window with diffused light or a lamp with nice soft light, just make sure that it is behind the camera and facing towards you. Adding a reflective surface on the desk or table in front you just outside of camera range is another way to bounce flattering light onto your face. Use a piece of white foam core, poster board or anything you can find around the house. The angle of the camera makes a big difference in flattering you, too. Raise the camera up to be eye level or slightly higher. If you’re using a laptop, you could place it on a stack of books.When the camera is too low, you could have the dreaded double chin. Raising the camera and dropping  your chin, will make your eyes look larger and more awake. 
Keep it Simple
The background behind you should be simple and tidy. Put the emphasis on you and not your decor or clutter. If you anticipate sharing your screen for any reason during the virtual meeting, close any tabs on your browser with the potential to be embarrassing.
Dress for Success
Clothing should be simple and avoid busy patterns. Dress for the occasion; keep it professional for work and have a little more fun with friends and family! Keep in mind that microphones can pick up the extra noise from dangling necklaces and clinking bracelets. If you are on a call with a lot of people, consider muting your microphone until you have something to say. 
Video conferencing is all about connection; look at the camera when talking to create eye contact.
Happy collaborating and connecting!


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