Just for fun

I had never been to the Sculpture Garden before. I went their with a senior and his family for a photo session. I created one image without him in it. Here it is.


The Tree

This is the big tree that the Cole’s marvel at every time their family passes by it. We finally did their family portrait by it. Here’s just the tree.


Class of 2009 has arrived!

Congratulations to the class of 2009. It’s the start of your senior year. Your last year of high school. Make it a great and safe one.


Senior posters

This is a new product to the studio this year. It’s a 20×30 Hot Shot Poster. I really like them!


Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hey, everyone!

This is Shelby updating for Lorri! Lorri has hardly any time to update the blog because of all the seniors. (This is a good thing!) I’m putting up some images of recent seniors. Check them out! 😀

img_0064b-copy.jpg mat.jpg img_4184post.jpg mv0c7527_post.jpg mv0c7001.jpg

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