Lisa, my babysitter

Lisa used to baby sit me. We both grew up about 5 houses away from each other in Aurora Colorado. Now we both live in Victoria Minnesota less than 2 miles from each other. We may have never realized who the other was because our last names have changed, but Lisa recognized me because I look so much like how my mom looked 35 years or so ago!!! I also have the same mannerisms. She doesn’t look like I remember her looking, so I am so glad that she saw the resemblance and asked what my maiden name was. Here is Lisa these days. This portrait was for a new job that she is starting. I have also done her beautiful family portrait at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and at their home in the past. I am so glad that she saw the resemblance 7 or so years ago!!! Good luck with your new job Mrs. Weir!


Senior parent

I know what it is like to be the parent of a senior, my oldest just graduated in 2008. It can be an emotional, crazy and rewarding time. I have so much in common with the parents that come to the studio for their almost adults senior portrait. I fell your joy, pride, and emotions! I just love my job and appreciate days like this when I receive letters like this.

Oh my molly!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!
As a mom, being able to look back and see personality in pictures is the best…….and YOU did that in every single picture of my daughter. I can’t thank you enough for Capturing EVERYTHING about her in those pictures. YOU MADE ME CRY!…….a million times over…..and then some!

It is an honor to photograph these young adults. Thanks!

Fall leaves!

I saw my first sing of fall today. The leaves on a tree were changing. That means that peak fall photo time is almost here. Please schedule your portraits soon. I don’t want you to be disappointed because there are no session times left. They fill up fast!  Call me at 612.384.6328 and get on the schedule. See you soon, Lorri

The Cole Family

I have started a project with the Cole’s. We are going to photograph their family by this beautiful oak tree at four different times during the year, summer, fall, winter and spring. They enjoy art and these will make a beautiful statement featuring what is most important to them, family.

Here is summer.


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